Photon 50-V2 Review
-Mike O. (915Mang)

Photon 24-V2 on a 40-Breeder
-Video Credit Paul Glass

“I have had my Photon 48-V2 on my 75 gallon mainly soft coral reef aquarium for about a week now. This is the best item I have purchased in 40 years of aquarium keeping. I love the control over the lighting, the build quality, the variety of mounting options, the shimmer, the response of my corals, the shipping, customer service, packaging… I just bought my first SPS corals and I am really looking forward to expanding. Great job guys.”

– Gregg H. Facebook

“I received my lights very quickly after ordering. Boy what a difference!! My chiller hasn’t come on since I installed the lights and they have been on for a week now! I love the controls, these lights are soooo easy to set up. Thanks for a great product.”

– Steveo from MichiganReefers

“Just in the month or two that my clams have been under the Reefbreeders, I’ve already notice new growth and greater mantle extension than when they were under MH.”
– Troy V. on Reef Central

“I ordered the Nano-Lite LED fixture earlier this month. I have it hanging it over a small 10g reef tank and it’s incredible. I have heard a lot about the quality of these fixtures but assumed this small unit might be lacking. It’s amazing. I love it. No complaints. I wouldn’t change a thing about it. The color is natural and the adjustments are simple but useful. The fan is quiet and powerful.”
– Brian O. , 10 gallon tank

ledreef R2R Biocube w p16v2 retrofit

“I have only had the light for two weeks, but I have already noticed a color difference in some of my coral colonies and I finally have an “out break” of coraline on the tank’s glass. My blue mushroom has a much deeper blue color, my brain frag went from a dull brown, to a more red-ish color and the greens in my zoa colony really stand out beyond belief; this is with the blues and whites at no more than 40% intensity too!

I would most certainly recommend this product, upon the early results. A second unit is in the plans once I upgrade from a 20 gallon to a 55 gallon in the coming weeks. Thanks Reef Breeders!”
– Fsukum from 3Reef Forums

“The Photon 16s are AWESOME!! I love them. We did a PAR check on them with the apogee meter and our results where insane… I have them mounted 6 1/2 inches from the waterline and at 100% power we got 1300 par at the waterline, and 280 par at the bottom of my 24 inch deep tank. At 50% power we got 780 at the waterline and 180 or so at the bottom. We compared them to my friends Radions and the Radions highest par was about 1000.”
– Jason C. , 180 gallon tank (72″ x 24″ x 24″)

“I have been using two of your 32″ Photon series over my 180 gallon mixed reef for 8 months now. Prior to switching to your fixtures I was using 3 250w metal halides using 20k Ushio and 14k Phoenix bulbs on timers. Your Photon fixtures are hands down the best investment I have made for my reef tank. The color is outstanding and the growth I have seen rivals my old MH fixtures without having to run fans or a chiller with an efficiency I have already seen via my power bill that reflects the major reduction in wattage. It goes without saying that I am more than satisfied with your LED fixtures.”
– Nick B. , 180 gallon tank (72″ x 24″ x 24″)

– Ryan B.