SuperNova (Coming Soon)

The Reef Breeders SuperNova is being designed in the USA to include some of the best features and hardware available in the industry today. The SuperNova will have an integrated wireless controller, no more paying extra for a controller, or plugging your laptop into the fixture every time you want to change something.

The SuperNova will be a 24″ x 12″ x less than 1″ tall LED fixture that can cover up to a 36″x30″ area packed with sps, not a tiny 12″ fixture that can barely manage a 24″ square.

With 10 dimming channels, and the latest Cree, Custom, and Luxeon diodes, the SuperNova will have plenty of power for the most advanced sps keepers, or it can be dimmed down enough for those who like soft corals, and having an appealing, thin fixture over their open top systems.

Our layout has been created through years of research and testing on multiple reef tanks, and by the input of several highly regarded hobbyists and scientists. We do not use cool whites, like most of our competitors, but rather neutral whites to provide better coral coloration. The SuperNova will allow users to change their layout at will, so if you are a fan of cool whites, you can change it. We also include a multitude of 430nm violets, as well as other spectral specific diodes, which will be revealed when the fixture is up for pre order.

What we can tell you, is that this will be one of the first top of the line fixtures, built with top quality LEDs, a genuine carbon fiber case, modular sensors, LEDs, and drivers, and loaded with advanced features, all for a reasonable price. We expect them to be available for pre-order soon for around $800.