Dear Valued ReefBreeders customer,

The company owner, Logan Vanghele, will be abroad visiting production facilities until January 20th. The rest of our team is still here and shipping orders, however customer service will work a little differently this month. You can contact Logan directly via WeChat, which is available on android or iOS and 100% free. Add the username “reefbreeders” to your contacts and send a message. Logan can communicate via WeChat through voice, video, or text messages. Keep in mind there will be a 13 hour time difference, google the current time in Shanghai before calling. Your call will most likely be returned early morning or late night, please let us know which is more convenient for you and be sure to leave a message. Emails will be unaffected and answered as normal. 

Thank You,

The Reef Breeders team

Reef Breeder LEDs
Reef Breeder LEDs

ReefBreeders- We power your tank!

Reef Breeders LLC aims to provide fantastic lights and equipment for the aquarium hobby at reasonable prices. We are an American distribution and service company based out of Wakefield Rhode Island, and we have been serving the aquarium community for over 5 years. Lighting is our principle focus, and our fixtures have been used for everything from brightening-up stunning in-home reef tanks to conducting advanced research on corals.


Our intuitive Photon series allows for advanced sunrise, sunset and moonlight effects.


Our LEDs are intense enough to keep the most light-demanding corals and clams.


LEDs are more than twice as efficient as metal halide and T-5 systems, and never need bulbs changed.