Frequently Asked Questions

How to program our Photon V2 fixtures:

How to program the Photon V1: 

How to program the Nano Light WiFi using the App

Q: Can you make a recommendation for lighting my tank?

A: Sure, click Here to download a table of fixtures vs tank dimensions and gallons. If your tank is not in the table, you can email us through the contact for a recommendation.

Q: How should I program my light?

A: Typically we recommend starting out at around 30% max on all channels, and adding about 10% a week to acclimate your corals to the new light. Click Here to download the instructions, and click Here to download a program that will recommend a 12 hour program based on a starting time and maximum intensity.

A easy way to simplify the 6 channels on the V2s is to group the blues together (Channels 2, 3, 5 and 6) and program them the same. Then adjust the ratio of the blue channels to the ratio of the white channel (Channel 4). That will quickly adjust the kelvin rating and is a good place to start. You can then add the greens and reds to suit your color preference. As you gain more experience programming your light, you can start playing with the different channels and really dial in your favorite color.

When switching from any light, even intense mh or another LED system, it is still recommended that you start out around 30% power and gradually add intensity. The Photon V2 has a unique spectrum that is fine tuned to grow corals, so it is always a good idea to get your corals used to the shift in spectrum.

There is not one program that will work for everyoneWe recommend that you set your light to match your color preference. Begin at a lower power (30%) and gradually raise the maximum output of the light. Most users stop adding intensity at around 70% power.

If you are looking for a basic guideline, here is a spreadsheet with schedules for sps, lps, sofit corals, and mixed reef tanks: Click Here

Q: Can I use glass tops on my tank with LEDs?

A: Of course! The Photon V2 works great on tanks with glass tops, and you can even use the mounting legs with your glass tops. Glass tops do block some light if you allow salt creep to build up, however a well maintained glass top will not cause a significant reduction in light.

Q: What does the 2 year USA warranty include?

A: Our 2 year warranty includes parts, labor, and shipping both ways, for any fixtures broken due to workmanship errors, burnt out LEDs, broken controllers, and other damage not caused by misuse or improper installation. It does not include damage incurred by the user, water or moisture damage, salt creep, damage caused by power surges, or poor ventilation (i.e. a closed canopy with no fans). We have a fully equipped shop in Wakefield RI where we handle all repairs. We also stock all parts there and can ship out parts if you prefer to install them yourself.

Q: How do I change out LEDs?

A: For the SuperLux and Original Photons (the V2s use Cree LEDs, which cannot be soldered by hand) it is a fairly simple process, you need a soldering iron (70watt pencil tip works best), solder (1mm lead solder), thermal grease (not thermal paste, thermal paste hardens when cured, grease does not), and tweezers or small needle nose pliers.

First, you melt the solder on one side of the LED you wish to change, and pull the LED up gently by the base. Then, you de-solder the other side of the diode, and remove it with the tweezers. Add a dab of thermal grease to the center pad to ensure good thermal contact. Then take the new diode, orient it correctly (the negative side will be denoted by a small – sign) and solder it down to the board, one side at a time.

Be sure to apply gentle pressure to the diode when the solder is liquid, so that the thermal pad beneath the LED makes physical contact with the board. Please be sure to only use 3watt bridgelux/epistar LEDs, 1watt LEDs will not work with our lights. The forward voltage should be about 2.5-3.2V, and the maximum amperage should be 700ma.

Q: How high should I mount the light off of the water?

A: For tanks 12″ front to back or less, 6″ is plenty of height. For tanks 12″ to 18″ wide, 6″-10″ is a good height. For tanks 18″-24″ wide, 8″-12″ is a good height. For tanks wider than 24″, it is recommend that you add a pair of lumenbars or a second row of lights.

Q: Can any of the Reef Breeders LED fixtures be controlled by an Apex or other external controller?

A: Our lights are only compatible with Reef Breeders hardware.

Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Yes, we ship world-wide for a flat rate of $50USD.

Q: Which service do you use for shipping?

A: We ship via FedEx ground or USPS 2-3 day priority mail from Wakefield, RI. FedEx ground takes about 5 days to get to the west coast, and about 1-3 days for the rest of the continental US.